Effective from 8 July 20181, foreign employees will be prohibited from registering with migration authorities at the address of their employer's office if in fact they are living at another address.

A foreign employee may register at their employer’s office address only if he or she actually resides there. Otherwise, foreign citizens must be registered at the address of the dwelling or hotel where they actually live in Russia.

Migration registration must be performed by the hosting party - the owner of the dwelling or the hotel. The owner of a dwelling who is a foreign citizen can register another foreigner only if the owner permanently resides in Russia (i.e. if he or she has a residence permit). Highly qualified foreign specialists can act as hosts only for members of their families.

Steps to take

We recommend that our clients ensure that the owners of residential premises where their foreign employees actually reside duly register such employees with migration authorities. Please note that until 25 July 2018, in cities participating in the FIFA 2018 World Cup, all foreign citizens must register with migration authorities within 3 days of entering Russia.

Consequences of infringement

An administrative fine of up to 5,000 rubles (USD 83) (up to 7,000 rubles (USD 117) in Moscow and St. Petersburg), and in extreme cases even deportation from Russia, may be imposed on a foreign national for violating the rules of migration registration. An outstanding administrative record can cause difficulties for such person when obtaining migration permits, such as Russian visas or work permits, which in turn may negatively affect the relevant employer's plans.

1.These rules were introduced by Federal Law No. 163-FZ of 27 June, 2018 "On Amendments to the Federal Law On Migration Registration of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in the Russian Federation".

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