The new fifth edition of The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Handbook is a comprehensive guide for attorneys, at every level, who represent or defend businesses doing international work. With its comprehensive analysis of potential FCPA liabilities and sound practical suggestions on how to deal with them, this book is a valuable resource for both unseasoned and seasoned FCPA practitioners.

Now, completely updated and revised for 2018, The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Handbook (Fifth Edition) offers the following:

  • Coverage of over 50 new FCPA resolutions and foreign anti-corruption statutes, including those of Brazil, Canada, China, India, Mexico, Russia, and the UK. 
  • Information on anti-bribery conventions; board of directors and management responsibilities; transaction issues and considerations; gifts, travel, lodging  and entertainment; charitable donations and political contributions; and conducting and defending an FCPA investigation.
  • Identifies all major FCPA risk areas and then presents thoughtful and practical advice for how companies can most effectively address these risks and conduct credible investigations.

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