EMEA Tax Transactions

The Guide will be a valuable tool to support you at the early stages of the M&A process, particularly in assessing the risks and opportunities of the intended transaction in the fast-moving post-BEPS international tax environment. The aim of the Guide is to provide you with basic information regarding the taxation of transactions taking place – or involving entities established – in a number of EMEA jurisdictions and help you navigate in this uncertain world.

European Inbound Tax

The Guide provides valuable information to the new range of investors from some of the world’s emerging economies, who are looking to Europe for investment opportunities, and at the more established investors, such as businesses, institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds and other overseas governments for whom Europe remains a prime investment target.

Access the latest edition of the EMEA Tax Transactions and European Inbound Tax Guides

The Guides are available in two formats: Electronic copy and TaxShare access.

TaxShare is Baker McKenzie's online resource that allows quick, easy and customized access to the latest tax reference materials.

Materials include:

  • Country-by-country Reporting Implementation Guide
  • Global Tax Dispute Resolution Guide
  • Global Transfer Pricing Guide
  • Global Tax Transactions Guide
  • European Inbound Tax Guide
  • Holding Regimes Guide
  • Global Real Estate Taxation Guide
  • Resource materials from other Baker McKenzie Practice Groups



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