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 The global movement to eradicate modern forms of slavery has taken another step forward.  And, again, much of the responsibility for this progress is being placed on corporates.

On 21 June 2018, the NSW Parliament passed its Modern Slavery Act.  This Act will commence on a day to be appointed.

The Act seeks to combat modern forms of slavery (serious exploitation such as slavery, forced labour and human trafficking) and provide assistance and support for victims.  Importantly, a key feature of the Act for corporates concerns transparency of business supply chains.  The Act requires mandatory disclosure of steps taken by commercial organisations to ensure that their goods and services are not products of supply chains in which modern slavery is taking place.

This alert explains the NSW transparency of supply chains provisions and details the chief differences between these provisions and the Australian Government’s proposed modern slavery reporting model.  This alert also sets out other notable features of the NSW Act.

In this alert:

  • NSW Transparency of Supply Chains
  • Australian Government Transparency of Supply Chain
  • Other features of the NSW Act

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