The Russian Government has authorized1 the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation (RAR) to block, without a court order, websites selling alcoholic beverages, giving companies an efficient tool to combat unauthorized or counterfeit sales of alcoholic beverages on the Internet.

In more detail

The possibility to block websites selling alcoholic beverages without a court decision has been mentioned in the Federal Law "On information, information technologies and protection of information" for some time, but until now, no agency had the authority to decide which websites to block. Now that the RAR has been given this power, we anticipate that the website blocking procedure will be structured as follows2:

  • Any person may submit an online complaint to Roskomnadzor (the federal authority responsible for blocking websites) about a website engaged in the sale of alcohol
  • Roskomnadzor forwards the complaint to RAR within one day
  • RAR replies to Roskomnadzor within one day with its decision on blocking the website
  • Within one day of receiving RAR’s decision, Roskomnadzor sends a takedown request to the website’s hosting provider
  • The hosting provider forwards the takedown request to the website owner. Unless the website stops selling alcoholic beverages within three days, Roskomnadzor proceeds to block the website.




1.See in Russian:
2.For the details of the procedure please see Decree of the Government dated 26.10.2012 No. 1101

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