On 5 June 2018, the Ministry of Economy published in the Federal Official Gazette a Decree that amends the Tariff Schedule of the General Import and Export Duties Law, the Decree that sets forth the rate of duty applicable during 2003, of the General Import Duty, for goods originating in North America and the Decree that establishes certain Sectoral Promotion Programs (the Decree).

By means of the Decree, the Mexican government suspended the preferential duty treatment granted to imports of certain goods when they are originating in the United States of America (USA) which include, among others, certain pork products, certain types of cheese, apples, ham, potatoes, cranberries, food preparations, bourbon, certain steel products, steel furniture and lamps.

Moreover, it sets forth an increase to the duties applicable to definitive imports (not applicable to other customs regimes) of such goods, when they originate in the USA.

By means of this publication, the general import duty applicable to different types of steel products was also increased, regardless of their country of origin (including temporary imports under IMMEX programs that are subject to payment of such duty in accordance with the corresponding free trade agreements).

Additionally, the Sectoral Promotion Programs (PROSEC) were amended, in order to exempt from the payment of duties certain steel products that are included in the Electric and Electronic Sectors and of the Automotive and Auto-parts industries.

The suspension of duty preferences became effective on 5 June 2018, while the increase in duties applicable to tariff items 0203.12.01, 0203.19.99, 0203.22.01, 0203.29.99, 0406.10.01, 0406.20.01, 0406.90.04 and 0406.90.99 will become effective on 5 July 2018. In the meantime, the duty applicable to tariff items 0203.12.01, 0203.19.99, 0203.22.01, 0203.29.99, 0406.20.01 and 0406.90.04 will be of 10% and for tariff items 0406.10.01 and 0406.90.99 will be of 15%

The full text of the Decree can be found in on this link.

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