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Welcome to the June 2018 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.

The highlights of this Update are:

  • WTO: Trade policy review of Mauritania; recent disputes; dispute settlement activities; Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) notifications
  • WCO: news releases
  • Other International: Reconsidering TPP; CITES notifications
  • Central America: Costa Rica implements UN Trade in Arms treaty
  • Canada: Intent to impose countermeasures against US steel and aluminum tariffs; modernized Canada - Israel FTA; imports under Tobacco and Vaping Products Act; advance rulings, D-Memos and Customs Notices
  • Mexico: Measures against US tariffs on steel and aluminum (Click here to read the client alert); approval of CPTPP (formerly known as TPP)
  • United States: Update on steel and aluminum tariffs; steps to protect domestic technology and IP from China; revised Venezuelan sanctions; national emergencies extended (Syria, C.A.R., Yemen, Iraq); withdrawal from JCPOA; re-imposition of certain Iranian sanctions after 90/180 day periods; revocations of certain General Licenses; Commerce initiates Sec. 232 investigation on automotive products; termination of US-Ecuador bilateral investment treaty; GSP reviews; seeking members for ITACs; WTO disputes; ITC investigations; distribution of CDSOA funds; US-Israel FTA origin certification changes; CBP quarterly interest rates; CBP final determinations of origin in procurement cases; EAPA notices; forced labor detention notices; steel and aluminum entry filing requirements; Korean steel quota; CSMS messages;FTZ Board actions; BIS/State propose firearms export changes; BIS UVL revisions; imposition of non-proliferation measures; ease restrictions on UAS (drone) sales; Russian sanctions General Licenses; restrictive measures lists; TTB clarifies hemp policy; APHIS policy change; GAIN reports; certification of shrimp-harvesting nations; change in DoD micro purchase amount; softwood lumber subsidy inquiry; AD/CVD scope rulings
  • South America; Mercosur-Korea FTA; Argentina and Brazil trade resolutions, etc.
  • Australia: Updates export controls for tangibles; changes to GST on low value goods
  • China (including Hong Kong SAR): New Chinese entry information requirements; MOFCOM and Customs notices; Hong Kong import/export of encryption products
  • India: Proposed retaliation for US steel and aluminum tariffs; CBIC and DGFT notifications
  • Japan: Revisions to End User List
  • Malaysia: Notification under sec. 12 of the Customs Act
  • New Zealand: New Customs and Excise Act; GST on low-value imports; EU-NZ Customs Cooperation Agreement; Gazette and fact sheets
  • Singapore: new Singapore Trade Classification, Customs and Excise Duties 2018; Sri Lanka-Singapore FTA origin rules; notices and circulars
  • EU and EFTA: EU reaction to US steel and aluminum tariffs and imposition of retaliatory measures; FTA negotiations with Australia and New Zealand; EU blocking regulation; OJ trade documents including restrictive measures
    • France: Notices to importers; Official Gazette
    • Italy: New Customs and Monopoly law and regulations
    • UK: Sanctions, embargoes and anti-money Laundering updates and guidance; calls for proactive Russian sanctions strategy; legislation; HMRC, DIT, ECJU, OFSI and F&CO notices
    • Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Spain and Switzerland: Trade legislation, including regulations and restrictive measures
  • Turkey: Laws, resolutions, orders, etc.
  • Ukraine: New Russian sanctions; laws, resolutions, orders, etc.
  • Eurasian Economic Union: Council regulations and orders; Board regulations, orders and recommendations; preliminary classification decisions
    • Belarus: Preliminary classification decisions
    • Russia: Update on new countersanctions legislation; trade legislation
  • Africa: Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement update
    • South Africa: Tariff amendments

Plus Trade Compliance enforcement actions; newsletters and articles; webinars, WTO TBT notifications; CBSA advance rulings; CBP rulings (modifications and revocations); EU tariff classification regulations; CN explanatory notes; section 337 actions; AD/CVD cases and status for US, Canada, Mexico, NAFTA panels; EU, Australia, India, Chia, Argentina and Brazil.

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