In the two years since the UK voted to leave the European Union, negotiators have struggled to reach a consensus on a new basis for trade between the regions. Amidst the confusion, we have seen companies on both sides of the channel struggle to prepare for the future.

At Baker McKenzie, we were conscious that in the UK, the Brexit debate has had a myopic lens, focusing almost exclusively on the interests of British businesses and consumers.

As such, we have sought out the EU perspective. We spoke with 800 business leaders from six key markets of the 27 remaining EU Member States. We asked about the impact of Brexit to date, business preparedness for the future and sentiment towards the UK. We also looked at the European business community's position in the Brexit negotiations, asking how well its views are represented and what would be the preferred outcome for EU27 companies.

Here, we present our findings from across the European Union, as well as considering their implications for the UK.