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On 27 April 2018, the Personal Data Protection Commission (the PDPC) announced that it will be undertaking a review of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). The review seeks to streamline legislation so that organisations can have a degree of clarity and certainty in the instances where the PDPA and the Spam Control Act (SCA) may overlap.

Public consultations will take place between 27 April 2018 to 7 June 2018 as part of the process of the PDPC's review of two key areas:

(i) Consolidation of the Do Not Call Registry (DNCR) provisions of the PDPA and the Spam Control Act into a proposed new Act (the New Act). (ii) Introduction of Enhanced Practical Guidance (EPG) framework.

Interested parties may submit their views to the PDPC by email until 7 June 2018.

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