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Welcome to the May 2018 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.

The highlights of this Update are:

  • WTO: Trade policy review; disputes and DSB activities, TBT notifications
  • WCO: Working group on e-commerce; announcements and events
  • CITES: Latest notifications
  • Guatemala: Accedes to CISG
  • Nicaragua: Single trade window pilot
  • Canada: Seeks comments on aligning steel and aluminum origin marking with US requirements; Supreme Court upholds certain inter-provincial trade restrictions; AD/CVD program changes
  • Mexico: Mexico – EU global agreement
  • United States: Continuation of national emergency re: Somalia; aluminum and steel proclamations; 232 exemptions; AGOA; USTR country reviews; USTR publishes proposed Chinese tariff list; 337 rules; ITC APO report; ITC investigation of trade authorities extension; investigation of proposed US-Korea FTA modifications; extensions of cultural property agreements; ACE updates; CBP accepting GSP claims; CBP regulations amendments; procurement determinations; 232 and Korean steel quota filing requirements; Census clarifies Kimberley Process confidentiality rules; DHS penalty adjustments; UAS export policy; BIS action against ZTE; digital currency on sanctions; OFAC updates; BIS amends EAR on specified target assemblies; Australia Group updates; NMFS requires shrimp and abalone reporting through ACE seafood traceability program
  • Australia: Consolidate list of sanctions updated; Prohibited exports regulation 13E amended; Defence Trade Controls Act review; Trade and Customs Legislation Amendment (Miscellaneous Measures) Regulations; Japan-Australia EPA duty rate changes; Commerce (Trade Descriptions) penalties
  • China: Additional duties on certain US products; 301 retaliation list
  • India: Internal compliance programs for exports promoted; CBEC changes to CBITC
  • Indonesia: Safeguard launched
  • Philippines: EFTA-Philippines FTA
  • Vietnam: Internet services
  • EU-EFTA: EU Myanmar/Burma arms embargo; surveillance of certain aluminium products; Byrd Amendment retaliatory duties reduced; Mexico-EU agreement; EFTA-Philippine FTA; revised customs-IPR procedures; Brexit; CN revisions
  • Sweden: administrative sanctions
  • Switzerland: EFTA-Philippines FTA; N. Korean sanctions
  • UK: Customs and export contravention penalties
  • Russia: Proposed harsh counter-sanctions
  • South Africa: Safeguard investigation
  • Plus coverage of notices, proposals and regulations in the Federal Register, Canada Gazette, Mexican Diario Oficial, EU Official Journal (and trade related statutory instruments from several individual countries), Russian and EAEU legislation, EU classification regulations, anti-dumping and countervailing duty (AD/CVD) cases.
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