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In this issue:


  • NACC Notification Imposes Minimum Requirements for "Appropriate Internal Control Measures" in Law

Corporate and Commercial

  • Collaboration between DBD and RD to Ease Filing of Audited Financial Statements


  • Latest developments in Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific

Financial Services

  • Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand Announces New Rules for Offering Debentures and Bills – The Wait is Over!


  • Spotlight on Reinsurance Sector: OIC Publishes Draft Regulations

International Commercial and Trade

  • The Customs Notification on Criteria, Procedure and Condition for Submission of the Appeal, Appeal Consideration, and the Request for the Stay of Duty Payment - What Are the Major Changes, and Has Administrative Injustice Regarding the Stay of Duty Payment Been Resolved?

Intellectual Property

  • Key Features to Expect From Myanmar's new Copyright LawKey Features to Expect From Myanmar's new Copyright Law
  • Myanmar IP Bills Advance to People's ParliamentMyanmar IP Bills Advance to People's Parliament
  • Second Draft Amendment to the Thai Patent Act
  • Amendment to the Thai Copyright Act 2018
  • Myanmar IP Bills Introduced to National ParliamentMyanmar IP Bills Introduced to National Parliament
  • First Draft Amendment to the Plant Varieties Protection Act

Labour and Employment

  • New Minimum Wage Rates for Skilled WorkersNew Minimum Wage Rates for Skilled Workers
  • SMART Visa and the Right for Foreigners to Enter, Stay and Work in Thailand
  • New Minimum Wage and Relevant Relief Measures (Province Update)

Real Estate

  • Revisit your lease agreements: Residential leases are now (heavily) regulated
  • New Bill Offers Alternatives for Real Estate Investors and Developers

Regulatory Affairs

  • Cosmetic Updates


  • Second Public Hearing for New E-Commerce Tax Law on Extraterritorial VAT Regime


  • Update: Public Hearing on the Thai Personal Data Protection Bill, including New Provisions on Data Processing and Legitimate Interest

Trade and Commerce

  • National Legislative Assembly Approves Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Bill
    #1: Approval of major legislation
  • Unlock Pending Direct Sales and Direct Marketing Applications
  • The New Trade Competition Act
    #2: The Regulator - The New Tiger (with Teeth)
  • Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI) - Amendments to the Reporting Requirements Imposed Under the Investment Promotion Certificates

Firm Updates

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