Our Global Renewable Energy Conference brings together industry experts, professionals and Baker McKenzie practitioners from around the world to provide a global perspective on the major renewable energy trends and issues at the top of the industry leaders' minds. 

The theme this year was Powering the New Energy Transition. This event explored the major trends transforming the global renewable energy and clean technology industries. With the energy sector moving toward greater diversification as companies prepare for advances in technology and renewables, our panelists shared insights and discussed strategies to adapt, thrive and prosper as the new energy transition gathers pace. 

The conference discussed the topics that impact your business most, including: 

  • The energy system of the future, including the extent to which renewables will displace coal and oil and gas, the role of nuclear, how long the renewables transition will take, and how market players will be disrupted in the process 
  • Offshore wind, including the perspectives of developers, technology providers, lenders and policymakers on this booming market in Asia and beyond 
  • Innovation in the energy market, including distributed generation, smart grids, electric vehicles, storage and digital technologies and how these technologies are advancing in Asia 
  • Corporate PPAs, the opportunities and challenges to growth globally and in Asia and how developers and corporate buyers can manage risk via buyer consortia, portfolio structuring and new contract structures such as volume firming agreements 
  • Key market updates, including an overview of policy and regulatory risks in China and hot markets in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and North America 
  • Scaling up renewables as an asset class and the opportunities and risks institutional investors investing directly through managed funds, public money and on the capital markets, will face 
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