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Our Global Renewable Energy Conference brings together industry leaders, professionals and Baker McKenzie lawyers from over seven jurisdictions around the world. Each year the Conference provides a global perspective on the current renewable energy trends and issues at the top of the industry leaders' minds.

"Renewables are at the crossroads of the new and old economies as the generation of electricity meets the opportunities and challenges of the digital age. We are seeing the convergence of a number of trends, including the rise of subsidy-free, cost-competitive renewable energy, decentralisation of energy production, rapid improvements in energy storage, smart metering, new ways of buying and selling power and the advent of smart cars, buildings and cities. The conference will focus on these trends, what they mean for investors and the opportunities and challenges they bring, " said Marc Fèvre, Head of Global Renewable Energy and Clean Technology.

This year we discussed the topics that impact your business most, including:

  • The impact of new technologies such as batteries, storage, electric vehicles, blockchain and others on renewable power;
  • Smart Cities and the opportunities for corporates;
  • Lessons in offshore wind power; and
  • Regulatory reforms in key renewable markets around the world.

Michael Polsky, Founder & CEO of Invenergy, provided the keynote address at this year's conference. He is a leading energy industry entrepreneur and innovator.


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