Is the Netherlands one step closer to gender quotas in boardrooms?

A recent study shows that only 11.7% of management board members and 16.2% of supervisory board members of large companies in the Netherlands are women. This is a slight increase compared to 2016, but still nowhere near the statutory target figure.

The Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science has warned these companies that she can no longer sit on her hands if they refuse to make an effort.

Nine tips to improve post-acquisition integration

In our previous newsletter, we provided you with our first three out of nine tips to improve post-acquisition integration:

  1. Have internal staff and outside advisers work closely together
  2. Do due diligence
  3. Establish how to combine local companies

Find our next three tips here.

Extension of works council powers regarding the remuneration of directors

Have you already seen Baker McKenzie Amsterdam's March 2018 Employment Update?

On 23 January 2018, the House of Representatives passed a bill amending the Works Councils Act. The adopted bill provides for an extension of the powers of works councils regarding the remuneration of directors and other employees within the company. This applies to companies with more than 100 employees. The bill provides that the entrepreneur must discuss the remuneration policies and financial arrangements with the works council during a consultative meeting (in addition to the current obligation to provide such information in writing only). With the extension of the works council's powers it is intended to stimulate the director to account for their remuneration policy and any differences in the remuneration ratios between several groups of employees (including the board of directors).

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