On 8 March 2018, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation published in the Federal Official Gazette the Emergency Mexican Official Standard NOM-EM-121-SCT3-2017 (NOM-EM-121), which sets forth the provisions related to the air transport contract, luggage stubs and transportation of domestic animals in passenger aircrafts.

It should be mentioned that the Mexican Civil Aviation Law establishes that the luggage stubs, the air transportation contract and the transportation of domestic animals must meet the requirements set forth in the respective Mexican Official Standards (NOMs); however, in the past there were no NOMs in this regard.

Some of the main issues covered by NOM-EM-121 are the following:

  • Passenger Air Transport Contract. It sets forth the obligation of including in contracts data such as the passenger's full name, place and date of issuance, validity period, ticket number, departure and destination points, among others.
  • Luggage Receipt The luggage receipt must contain, among others, the barcode, format, number that identifies the operator, type of label.
  • Mechanism and Procedure for the Transportation of Domestic Animals in Aircrafts.The NOM regulates the dimensions of the container for transportation and other specifications. The NOM excludes certain animals from the transportation in aircrafts due to their danger or nature.

We are at your disposal to discuss or provide you with more details about this new NOM.

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