On International Women’s Day 2018 we were asked to ‘Press for Progress’.

That call to action followed last year’s ‘Be Bold For Change.’

Back in 2017 following the ‘bold’ call, we worked with a roundtable of leaders with the help of Baker McKenzie to workshop five ideas for shifting the dial for women in business by 2020.

We’re now one year closer to that target year, and it’s clear that not enough has changed.

So do we shift the deadline? Is it now 2021, or even 2025?

No, we don’t move the deadline. We merely up the intensity.

By 8th March 2020, we want to see significantly more progress achieved for women in Australia. To get there, we must ‘press for progress’, immediately.

As such, in this report we’ve revisited the five ‘bold’ ideas we came up with in 2017 and, based on more recent research findings, built on them by sharing an additional three key things employers can do.

We’ve also created this report as a comprehensive record of where we are at in March 2018 when it comes to workplace gender equality, with the information shared based on a large number of reports, data sets and other research – including research and examples released in the days just prior to publishing.

The ‘bold’ ideas we can use to push for significant progress are listed at the end of this report. We urge employers to consider taking on at least one, if not all of them.

Download the full report here

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