Driverless vehicles promise to eliminate (or at least substantially reduce) road accidents, massively increase the efficiency and utilisation of vehicles and transport infrastructure, eliminate time lost from driving in traffic and transform towns and cities by freeing parking and garage space.

As we witness global manufacturers and a panoply of new entrants race to develop fully driverless vehicles for the mass-market, an exciting new area of focus is the development of new laws regulating the testing and operation of driverless vehicles, with a particular interest in the different approaches and level of progress in major markets throughout the world.

For many years Baker McKenzie has been advising its global clients in the transport and telecommunications industries on connected cars and systems associated with the early stages of automation in vehicles. Work in this area involves deploying the expertise of our world leading global Technology Media Telecommunications (TMT) and Automotive practice and industry groups.

Our TMT and Automotive global groups have pooled resources to produce this Global Driverless Vehicle Survey. The Survey provides a high-level insight into the development and deployment of rules to accommodate automated driving for 33 jurisdictions. It provides an outline of the key themes arising from the intersection between the most advanced digital processing technology and mobility on a global scale.

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