On 8 February  2018, the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (the IFT), published the the IFT Plenary resolution establishing the Call for bidders' s tender of the frequency band 2500-2690 (Tender IFT-7 ).

Through this band, it will be possible to offer wireless access services, including mobile telephone and mobile broadband. With this tender, Mexico will be able to use up to 575 MHz of radio spectrum for international mobile telecommunications (IMT).

Companies interested in participating must present a guarantee of approximately 700 million MXN.

The 120 MHz to be offered are divided into 4 paired national blocks of 10 + 10 MHz each (FDD blocks), and 2 unpaired national blocks of 20 MHz each (TDD blocks); 10 MHz will not be allocated since they will be allocated to guard bands.

The duration of the concession of radio spectrum will be 20 years and the Minimum Reference Value (VMR) for each block of 20 MHz was established at 350 million MXN, regardless of the category of spectrum in question (FDD or TDD).

The bidding Terms and Conditions include two incentives for new competitors in data transmission capacity bands, that is, those who do not have concessions in the AWS, PCS or 2.5 GHz bands: (a) The granting of an additional 30% in points; (b) the possibility of deferring the delivery of the concession titles for up to 2 years.

The tender consists of four stages:

  1. 13 February to 1 June 2018 - Present intention of interest.
  2. 4 June to 13 July 2018 - Evaluation, opinion and issuance of certificates of participants.
  3. 31 July 2018 - Practice sessions and procedure for submitting offers.
  4. November to December 2018 - Issuance of the IFT decision, payment of the corresponding rights and the granting of concession titles.

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