On December 28, 2017 the Ministry of Economy published in the Federal Official Gazette an Administrative Regulation that modifies the one that establishes measures to restrict the exportation or importation of diverse goods to or from the indicated countries, entities and persons.

By means of this administrative regulation, the Mexican government extends the list of goods which importation and exportation is restricted when the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is the country of departure or destination. . The aim of the regulation is to implement internally Resolutions 2087 (2013) and 2375 (2017), as well as communications S/2006/853, S/2006/853 Corr.1, S/2014/253, S/2016/308, S/2016/1069, S/2017/728, S/2017/760 y S/2017/822 of the United Nations Security Council.

Among the restricted goods there are conventional dual-use arms, condensate and liquefied natural gas, refined products derived from petroleum, crude oil, textile goods, nuclear materials, equipment and technology of ballistic and dual-use missiles of the nuclear field and related technology.

This list continues to be the most comprehensive among the lists of embargoes implemented by Mexico.

The full text of the amendment in Spanish can be found here.

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