Nine tips to improve post-acquisition integration Part 1 of 3

Closing the deal is just the beginning. Where the acquirer and target businesses operate in the same or complementary fields, the acquirer will often want to integrate the two businesses with a view to saving costs and generating value for its shareholders through meeting synergy targets.

However, bringing together businesses with different trading relationships, histories and cultures inevitably poses substantial challenges, especially in the case of multinationals. Thus, over the course of the next three newsletters, we will provide you with nine tips to improve post-acquisition integration.

Nearly 50% of countries involved in global survey require entities to disclose beneficial ownership data

Companies and other legal entities are increasingly being asked to reveal details of their underlying beneficial owners rather than just their legal owners. Globally, the move towards greater transparency partly stems from international standards and initiatives such as the G20’s “High-Level Principles on Beneficial Ownership Transparency,” intended to combat criminal behaviors such as money-laundering.

Baker McKenzie has surveyed the majority of the G20 members, including each EU member state, and a number of other substantive jurisdictions, to gain an overview of the global position for corporates.

Tax Alert – New dividend withholding tax rules

Have you already seen Baker McKenzie's December 2017 Tax Alert about the amended rules for dividend withholding tax?

On 1 January 2018, the Netherlands introduced a dividend withholding tax for so-called 'holding cooperatives.' At the same time, a general exemption from dividend withholding tax was introduced for corporate shareholders that are resident in treaty jurisdictions and own an interest of 5% or more in the Dutch entity making the distribution. Furthermore, the new Dutch government announced in its coalition agreement that it plans to abolish the dividend withholding tax as of 2020.

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