Australian law imposes numerous duties and obligations upon various people who are employed by, or who act on behalf of, an Australian company. The particular duties depend upon the role of the person within the company. This Guide outlines the duties of directors of an Australian company.

Matters covered in this Guide include common law and statutory duties, delegation, reliance on others, insider trading, disclosure requirements and directors’ insurance and indemnities. A Glossary of key terms is included at the end of the Guide.

Being a trusted adviser to many of the top companies in Australia, Baker McKenzie is recognised for its extensive experience advising directors of Australian companies.

We hope that this Guide provides you with a broad overview of the duties of directors of Australian companies. It is not intended, however, to be an exhaustive analysis of all relevant legal requirements. If you are uncertain about any of the issues raised in this Guide or require further details or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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