On 27th October, General Resolution 4150-E was published in the official gazette. It introduced a number of changes in the program of "Trusted Economic Operator" (OEA) according to the standards set by the World Customs Organization, in order to determine the risk-profile of every foreign trader and streamline the verification procedure.

To be eligible for the OEA regime, the trader must meet the following requirements:

  • At least a three year old inscription in the import/export registry. The new resolution includes the importers to the regime, which were previously excluded.
  • Either have an overall patrimony of at least USD 1 million or provide an insurance bond for USD 100 thousand. The resolution does not indicate which kind of bonds are allowed.
  • File an Affidavit committing to comply with the legal requirements as well as grant access to the authorities to the supply and production chain.

There are two different kinds of OEA, category A (full-operator) or category B (simplified-operator). The resolution aims to encourage the international cooperation in order to simplify the customs verification procedure.

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