The Province of Mendoza published the bidding agenda (Bidding Agenda) to award 10 hydrocarbon areas for exploration (Río Diamante -in San Rafael-, CN III Norte -part of San Rafael and part in Malargüe-, Boleadero, Loma Cortaderal, Cerro Doña Juana, Ranquil Norte, CN VII-A, Chachahuén Oeste and Loma del Divisadero -in Malargüe-, and Puesto Pozo Cercado Oriental -in Tunuyán-) and 2 areas for exploitation (Pozo Cercado Occidental (in Tunuyán) and Atuel Norte (between San Rafael and Malargüe).

In the evaluation of offers, the amount to be invested will be more important than the royalties offered by the bidders to the Province of Mendoza. The provincial owned company (Empresa Mendocina de Energía S.A.) would not have participation in the award.

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