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The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition has renewed its focus on deals’ effects on innovation. At GCR Live: Brussels in July 2017, a panel of experts explored the issue.

DG Comp has frequently analysed pipeline products when figuring out what could happen to them post-merger, perhaps most prominently in a slew of generic pharmaceutical tie-ups.

But recent years have seen DG Comp not only refine how it conducts that type of small-picture product-specific analysis, but also start looking at the big-picture effects of what a deal could do to innovation in relevant sectors as a whole, with Dow/DuPont unusually involving an analysis of ‘innovation spaces’.

There’s a lot to unpack. In July, GCR Live gathered a panel in a bid to clarify where DG Comp currently stands, cover the controversy in its stance – and to establish what has actually changed. This is a transcript of that session, edited for brevity and clarity.

This article was first published on the Global Competition Review website, 18 October 2017,

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