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The Belt and Road Initiative is a historic marshalling of capital and a remarkable geopolitical foray into establishing and strengthening multinational trade corridors. With an estimated USD 350 billion committed to BRI projects across the world by China by 2022, it is an enterprise unlike anything we have seen on this scale for decades.

It is not without risk for those local, international and Chinese companies that are investing in and working on BRI projects. Those risks include foreign investment restrictions, antitrust regulations, tax, local employment and environmental laws, as well as political risks in some jurisdictions.

Our Belt & Road: Opportunity & Risk report sets out to understand more clearly where the opportunities lie today and in the future, and also what the legal risks are for both Chinese and international companies as they tap into this momentous source of capital to create new ventures.


We hope that the various forecasts and insights provided will be of value. As the law firm with the greatest presence along Belt and Road, we also welcome further queries you may have on supporting your BRI ambitions.

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