The recently published Joint General Resolution 3/2017 (O.G. 10.19.2017), states the procedure for the issuance of the “Certificates for the Importation of Used Goods devoted to the Oil & Gas Industry” (CIBUIH).

Such certificate shall be obtained when aiming to import used goods (no older than 10 year old) to be applied to the local Oil & Gas Industry. Early this year, Executive Order 629/2017 (O.G. 08.10.2017), established import duties exemptions for the importation of such goods as long as the importer obtains a certificate issued by the local authority, which will be granted following the proceeding stated in today’s resolution. The most important aspects to take into account are the following:

  • The certificate (CIBUIH) will be issued by the Directorate of Importations, a branch of the Sub Secretariat of Commerce.
  • The application to obtain the certificate can be performed on line (Plataforma de Trámites a Distancia) or by means of a written application before the Secretariat. In any case, the applicant must be previously registered at the “Registro Unico del Ministerio de Producción” (RUMP). The importer must provide thorough information regarding the goods to be imported, their value and the incoterm used in the purchase agreement.
  • If the admission meets all the legal requirements, the Directorate of Importation will send it to the Directorate of National Industry (a branch of the Sub Secretary of Industry), which will count with ten days at most to inquire into the existence of local suppliers of the machines to be imported. A special manufacturers register is created for such purposes.
  • If there are no local providers, the certificate shall be issued straightaway. Conversely, if there are local suppliers the applicant will have to commit to acquire a certain percentage of locally produced goods according to executive order 629/2017 (providing an insurance policy for such amounts).
  • The certificate shall be filed before customs when performing the importation. Such certificate will indicate the goods set to be imported, the tariff code applicable, the customs value assessment and will indicate that the goods are only allowed to be used for the local Oil & Gas Industry.
  • The certificate will be valid for 120 days after its issuance.
  • A maximum margin of 5 per cent of tolerance will be allowed.
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