The brand-new scheme aims at simplifying the exportation procedure for commercial purposes for low-amount operations, through Postal Services Providers (PSP).

Regime Layout

*Both entities and individuals can apply for the benefit. The products must be locally made and not subject to export quotas. The exporter does not need to hire the services of a customs broker.

*The regime applies only to companies exporting less than USD 600,000 annually per entity/individual, and the FOB for each individual operation must be lower than USD 15,000. The overall weight of each shipment shall not be higher than 300 Kg. (661 pounds).

*In case export duties may apply, they shall be paid by generating an electronic debt note (VEP).

*The exportation has to be performed by means of a PSP, which has to be duly registered before customs and which will be in charge of the customs clearance process.

*The exporter will be entitled to get the applicable export incentives. PSP must wire transfer the money received in such concept to the importer within ten days.


*The exporter should log into the AFIP electronic system and subscribe to the service called “Exporta Simple”. In order to do so, the exporter must have a fiscal password (safety-ranked 3).

*The exporter should generate the operation online by uploading the exportation commercial invoice. The system will grant a numerical code which will remain the same throughout the whole operation.

*The exporter must choose the PSP of its preference, for the system to issue a pro-forma invoice which, after being approved by the exporter, shall be sent directly to the PSP (as a purchase order).

*The PSP will be in charge of the customs clearance and shall keep the exporter posted regarding additional costs that may arise.

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