Don’t forget diversity in your directors’ report

With summer almost over and the end of the calendar year in sight, some companies are also nearing the end of their financial year. This means that those companies will soon need to prepare their 2017 annual accounts. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to point out that, depending on the size of your company, whether the company is listed or considered to have a public interest, you may need to include additional information on diversity and some other non-financial topics in the directors’ report compared to last year.

European Union encourages long-term shareholder engagement

A new EU directive will impose additional obligations on listed companies and certain other parties involved with respect to transparency and long-term shareholder engagement, to push back shareholders’ and managers’ excessive short-term focus. Shareholders will gain new rights under the directive, which the Netherlands, as well as the other EU Member States, must transpose into national legislation by 10 June 2019.

Tax Alert - The Netherlands, budget 2018

Have you already seen Baker McKenzie’s Tax Alert on the Dutch government's Budget 2018?

The Dutch government has released its Budget 2018, which includes several proposed amendments to Dutch tax law. This Tax Alert summarizes the legislative proposals with respect to Corporate Income Tax, Dividend Withholding Tax, VAT and Wage Tax.

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