On 17 August 2017 the Ministry of Energy and Mining passed Resolution No. 275/2017 launching the Round 2 public tender of the Renov.Ar Program (Renov.Ar 2) for the submission of bids to enter into power purchase agreements from renewable sources with CAMMESA (wholesale market administrator) for a total 1200 MW of capacity.

The capacity and maximum prices to be awarded are distributed and fixed according to the different technologies: wind (550 MW - 56,25 USD/MWh), solar (450 MW - 57,04 USD/MWh), biomass (100 MW - 110 USD/MWh), biogas (35 MW - 160 USD/MWh), biogas from sanitary landfill (15 MW - 130 USD/MWh), and small hydroelectric projects (50 MW - 105 USD/MWh).

The wind and solar capacity to be awarded is also distributed by regions, and the biomass and biogas capacity includes a special compensation incentive which depends on the capacity and technology of the generation plant.

Renov.Ar 2 schedule establishes a bidding documents consultation period until September 27 (which will be answered by CAMMESA until October 18). Bids may be submitted until October 19 and the award will be on November 29.

Renov.Ar 2 is launched by the national government after previous successful Rounds 1 and 1.5, in which 123 bids were submitted for a total of 6,343 MW, and 59 projects were awarded for a total of 2,424 MW with an average price of 57 USD/MWh.

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