On 22 August 2017, the Ministry of Energy and Mining passed Resolution No. 281/2017 approving the Renewable Energy Forward Market Regime. The Regime will allow Large Users (with an average demand equal or greater than 300 KW) to opt-out from CAMMESA's joint purchase regime and directly enter into power purchase agreements (PPAs) with generators or to selfgenerate the renewable energy to comply with the consumption goals of Law No. 27,191, which go from 8% at the end of 2017 to 20% in 2025 (Goals).

The Regime establishes the (i) scope of the PPAs and the joint purchases regime; (ii) conditions under which generators, cogenerators and selfgenerators of renewable energy source, traders and Large Users shall act; (iii) procedure for Large Users to opt-out CAMMESA's joint purchase regime; (iv) the procedure to inform PPAs executed to the Sub-secretariat of Renewable Energy; (v) the economic transactions that may be conducted with PPAs; (vi) the mechanism to verify individual compliance of Goals by Large Users; and (vii) sanctions for breaches and the procedure for their application.

Additionally, the Regime regulates other issues related to the renewable energy market: (i) the charges (of “Administration” and “Commercialization”) to be paid by Large Users that comply with Goals through CAMMESA's joint purchase; (ii) the priority order to be followed by CAMMESA to dispatch renewable energy if restriction in the transportation capacity occurs, the procedure to request such and allocate it if insufficient; (iii) the National Registry of Renewable Source Electric Energy Generation Projects; and (iv) how to comply with Goals through selfgeneration and how to inform such projects.

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