The Government Procurement and Supplies Management Bill (the Bill) will come into force on 23 August 2017. All government agencies, including stateowned enterprises, local government administrations, universities under government control, administrative offices of courts, and independent state organizations, must strictly comply with it.

The Comptroller's General Department is now preparing 19 subordinated laws, eight of which will be enforced on 24 August 2017. The eight are:

  • Regulations of the Ministry of Finance Governing Government Procurement and Supplies Management;
  • Ministerial regulation on the threshold of money in each type of procurement;
  • Qualifications and restrictions on business operators; qualifications and restrictions examination or follow-up examination; revocation of name from registration; official fee for registration; including method and principals of appeals, and consideration of appeals;
  • Ministerial regulation on procurement and hire of consultants that the state would like to promote or support;
  • Ministerial regulation on the registration of consultants;
  • Ministerial regulation on hire rates for contractors who provide design service or construction work supervision;
  • Ministerial regulation on additional definitions of procurement; and
  • Ministerial regulation on additional restrictions to appeals.

As always, our team at Baker McKenzie will continue to provide updates as these further developments occur.

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