The recently appointed Technical Secretary of the Mexican National Anti-Corruption System (SNA), Ricardo Salgado Perrilliat, has declared his intention to move forward with operations of the SNA even in the absence of an Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, who has yet to be named by the Senate. The SNA is already in action as a coordinator between state and federal anti-corruption bodies, and to spur administrative actions. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor is only needed for prosecuting individual criminal cases.

The SNA has begun operations and is in the process of filling 107 new positions with an operating budget of over USD 10 million. The Secretary is the executive arm of the SNA, which is controlled by a seven-member Coordination Committee, which is already in operation. Several States already have their own anti-corruption systems in place in accordance with the 2015 Constitutional amendment and will integrate progressively with the federal secretariat. Other States will follow.

Although the Secretariat will not investigate or prosecute public officials, it will actively monitor and report illegal activities for prosecution. Its main duties will consist of (i) implementing working methodology; (ii) preparing studies and benchmarks; (iii) issuing non-binding recommendations.

These activities show that the SNA is beginning operations in Mexico even before the effective date of 19 July 2017, and will continue to do so even in the absence of an Anti-Corruption Prosecutor.

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