On 12 July 2017, the "Executive Order that amends Numeral 1.2. Parking Spaces of the Complementary Technical Standard for the Architectural Project" for Mexico City, entered into full force and effect (the Executive Order).

As background, this Complementary Technical Standard dated February 8, 2011 (the Technical Standard), provides, among other aspects, the requirements for the design and execution of constructions and buildings in Mexico City regarding parking spaces, and regulated the minimum number of parking spaces required for such constructions and buildings.

The Executive Order amends and adds to the Technical Standard in three main aspects:

  1. It establishes the possibility for constructions and buildings in Mexico City to be designed and built without parking spaces for motor vehicles, except for those intended for dealerships and vehicle repair shops, hospitals, shipping stores, funeral homes, distribution centers, ground transportation centers, air transportation centers, and all those that require service vehicles for their activities;
  2. It indicates the maximum allowed number of parking spaces for motor vehicles, instead of the minimum number required, as stipulated prior to the entry into force of the Executive Order; and
  3. Depending on the type of building and the location of the property, it establishes the obligation to build parking spaces for bicycles.

If the maximum allowed number of parking spaces for motor vehicles is exceeded, the Executive Order establishes that, depending on the location of the constructions or building, an obligation to make a contribution to the a Public Mobility and Road Safety Fund may be caused.

Finally, the Executive Order foresees an evaluation of the results achieved by the Technical Standard every three years and, if appropriate, amendments shall be proposed to the same.

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