The Social Security Office has now introduced an e-service and e-payment system in providing certain services to employers and insured employees. Some of the services which can be conducted via electronic channels include employee registration, notification of employee's fund membership cessation, registration of changes to employee's information as well as making online payment of the fund monthly contribution.

To use the e-service system for these services, an employer must first apply for username and password from the Social Security Office via its website. Once the on-line application form is submitted, the applicant will receive an email notification with a link to the website for the applicant to complete the process. The applicant can then print out the form and physically submit it, along with relevant supporting documents, to a local Social Security Office. Subsequently, the applicant will receive an email from the office notifying the username and password which the applicant can then use to access various e-services.

In order to utilize the e-payment system, an employer must, after the above process is completed, open a savings account (unless the employer has an existing account) and register to make electronic payment of the social security contributions with listed commercial banks.

Once paid, the respective banks will send the receipt to the employers by post.

As the e-service system is relatively new and is being piloted, the Social Security Office has extended the deadline for the monthly contribution payment for another seven days to be after the 22nd day of the month following the month when the contribution is deducted.

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