On 11 May 2017, the Secretariat of Electric Energy (Secretariat) launched the Open Call for Interested Parties - Phase 1 (CAI for its Spanish acronym) through Resolution No. 287-E/2017, inviting companies interested in the sale of thermal energy to submit their offers.

The offered energy shall be generated by the development of thermal generation projects resulting from cogeneration or the closing of combined cycles, which shall be executed within a 30-month term.

The Wholesale Electric Market Management Company will receive the offers and make an assessment of the their benefits and costs for the Wholesale Electricity Market. On that basis, the Secretariat shall determine the energy volume to be contracted through energy demand contracts with the top ranked companies.

Payment of such contracts shall be guaranteed with a payment priorities and a payment guarantee fund.

Interested companies shall submit their inquiries over the CAI and the pertinent documentation until 7 July2017.

The term to submit offers expires on July 19.

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