The South African legal system is comprised of a mixture between English common law, Roman Dutch law and customary law, perched against the backdrop of the Constitution.

In terms of South African labour legislation, employees are afforded a number of protections regarding (amongst other things) unfair labour practices, unfair dismissals and minimum terms and conditions of employment.

About the Guide

  • Provides employers and human resources professionals with a comprehensive overview of the key aspects of South African labor law
  • Covers the entire life-cycle of the employment relationship from hiring through to termination, with information on working terms and conditions, family rights, personnel policies, workplace safety and discrimination
  • Provides links to our global handbooks, which include information for South Africa on immigration, data privacy, trade unions and works councils
  • Find information on the employment implications of share and asset sales


Save where otherwise indicated, law and practice are stated in this guide as at January 2017
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