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Welcome to the May 2017 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update. Here are some highlights:

  • WTO: trade policy reviews, disputes, TBT notifications
  • WCO: news releases
  • Canada: consultation on MERCOSUR FTA, softwood lumber, Syrian sanctions, repeal of Côte d’Ivoire and Liberian sanctions, D-Memorandum and Customs Notices
  • US: Executive orders (on FTAs. Trade agreements, Buy American, AD/CVD, etc.), Presidential Memoranda (national Security-imports of steel and aluminum), Puerto Rico’s enhanced security fee challenge, USTR 301 report, Commerce investigations on steel and aluminum imports and trade deficits, GAO report on trade agreements, currency intervention report, MTB (miscellaneous trade bill) updates, CBP origin final determination, OFAC general licenses, sanctions updates, Entity List revisions, conflict minerals reporting update, CPSC safety standards, no TTB regulation of vaping devices, Australia-US food safety, CAFTA-DR annex 3.25, investigation on China NME status
  • Brazil: CAMEX reorganized
  • Australia: strengthening antibribery enforcement, Pacific trade and development agreement, consultations on several FTA proposals
  • Japan: Japan-Korea-China FTA update, North Korean sanctions
  • Malaysia: 2017 tariff now in effect
  • New Zealand: Import certificates, laser import prohibition, single window update
  • Vietnam: solar policy adopted
  • EU and EFTA: Brexit update, EU retaliatory duties against certain US exports, sanctions update, firearms control, requests for suspension of tariffs, revocations of tariff information because of HSC decisions, EU-Turkey update, EU-Indonesia update, TTIP advisory report
  • Croatia: Draft law on customs brokers
  • Germany: export controls update
  • Switzerland: Import promotion programme
  • UK: Consultation on post-Brexit sanctions, enforcement of sanctions
  • Turkey: toy safety regulations, food additives update, ratification of MEDICRIME convention, safeguard investigation on tyres
  • EAEU: single window development, EEC gets new customs powers

Plus regulations and notices published in government gazettes or posted on government websites that relate to Customs/imports, Exports, Trade Sanctions, Trade Remedies, Government Procurement, Antibribery or related trade issues, as well as links to numerous client alerts and registration information on upcoming webinars or seminars.

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