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Crossing Borders podcast is a collaboration with Asia Today International exploring issues surrounding trade and investment in Asia Pacific.



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Episode 7 - Belt and Road - Opportunity and Risk

In this seventh instalment of the Crossing Borders Podcast, we examine the recently released Belt and Road Report from Baker McKenzie. Leon Gettler chats to Baker McKenzie's Asia Pacific Chair, Gary Seib and Managing Partner of the Baker McKenzie Hong Kong office, Milton Cheng.

Episode 6 - Doing Business in Vietnam (Part 2)

In the sixth instalment of Crossing Borders Podcast, the show examines the growth of Vietnam (Part 2) as a market for business. This continues on from the previous discussion around the opportunities for those doing business in Vietnam.

Episode 5 -  Doing Business in Vietnam (Part 1)

In the fifth installment of Crossing Borders, the show examines the growth of Vietnam as a market for business. Vietnamese officials declared in early August their fast-growing economy would gain another 6.7% this year alone.

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