Closing the deal is just the beginning. Many acquisitions fail to meet pre-deal expectations, and the real challenge for any company acquiring a business is to ensure that the acquisition delivers the value that motivated the decision to do the deal in the first place. Bringing together businesses with different trading relationships, histories and cultures inevitably poses substantial challenges, and where the businesses of the acquirer and target are multinational, the scale and number of those challenges multiply.

To help our clients with these challenges, Baker McKenzie has released the 7th edition of our Post-Acquisition Integration Handbook, a practical reference tool for companies contemplating, or in the process of executing, a multinational business acquisition and integration. The Handbook seeks to assist companies to identify issues and develop the best strategies to overcome the challenges and deliver maximum value to shareholders from the acquisition. In addition to providing a global overview of the corporate, tax, employment / benefits, antitrust, compliance and risk management, and project management elements of a multinational post-acquisition integration, the Handbook also contains summary tables covering the key legal integration methods for 45 countries.

Baker McKenzie has a specialist global team focused on assisting multinational organizations to meet their post-acquisition integration goals and objectives.

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