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In this issue: 

  • Legislation in force from April 2017
  • Update on Finance Bill 2017
  • New restrictions on early exit charges and extension of prohibition on member borne commission payments in occupational pensionk schemes published
  • DWP consults on potential amendments to the Employer Debt Regulations
  • Pension Schemes Bill 2016-17 awaiting Royal Assent
  • No adjustment to PPF Levy rules for schemes without a substantive employer
  • PPF consults on Levy rules for the next triennium
  • Regulator publishes investment guidance for trustees of DB plans
  • First criminal prosecution by the Regulator for failure to comply with information notice
  • Regulator issues consultation on draft monetary penalties policy and revised professional trustee description
  • Comments from our Pensions Disputes Group
    • The Court rules again on RPI/CP
    • Operation of a pensionk increase underpin
    • Pensions Obudsman - High Court proposes upper limit of £1,000 compensation for non-financial loss to be revised
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