On 1 March 2017, the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 160-p "On the immigration quota for 2017," dated 1 March 2017 (the Decree), came into force. The Decree sets the immigration quota for 2017 by categories of immigrants and administrative units in Ukraine. Under the Law of Ukraine No. 2491-III "On immigration," dated 7 June 2001, the immigration quota is the limit on the number of foreign nationals or stateless persons of certain categories entitled to obtain an immigration permit in a certain calendar year.

The total number of immigrants allowed into Ukraine in 2017 has been set at 3,963 persons (excluding immigrants who enter Ukraine on specified investment grounds, as well as scientists and artists whose immigration is in the interests of Ukraine). Under the Decree, the breakdown of categories is as follows: (i) for persons who are a full brother or sister, grandfather or grandmother, or grandson or granddaughter of a citizen of Ukraine, the quota is 1,187 persons; (ii) for persons who have previously held Ukrainian citizenship, the quota is 558 persons; (iii) for the parents, husband/wife or minor children of an immigrant, the quota is 2,223 persons.

As before, for persons who have made investments of at least USD 100,000 (or equivalent in hard currency) in Ukraine, immigration is not restricted by either the number of persons or by the locality where they can settle, or by the number of persons who can settle in a particular administrative unit in Ukraine. This year, the Decree does not provide for a restriction on immigration for scientists and artists whose immigration is in the interests of Ukraine.

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