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Welcome to the April 2017 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update. Here are some highlights:

  • WTO: trade in services proposals, trade policy review- Japan, disputes, TBT notifications
  • WCO news
  • CITES updates
  • Central America – updates
  • Canada: single window initiative, self-service border kiosks, Commonwealth trade ministers meeting, consultation on FTA with China, relief from AD on building materials
  • United States: Nominations for CBP Commissioner and Export Administration; executive orders on AD/CVD and trade and customs enforcement, trade deficit, executive branch reorganization; continuation of national emergencies; TIFA talks with Afghanistan, Vietnam and Laos; USTR issues 2017 Trade Policy Agenda and 2016 annual report on trade; GSP product review, ITC posts comments on MTB petitions; CBERA hearing; State consultations on conflict diamonds; extension of cultural property agreements with Belize, Guatemala and Mali; use of domestic steel and iron on pipelines; US, Canadian counterparts meeting; final determinations in procurement cases; Lever Rule treatment approvals; CBP West Coast Trade Symposium; international boycott list; State imposes non-proliferation measures; large export fines; Entity List updates; Commerce committees seek members; OFAC news; CPSC standards updates; FDA amend prior notice regs.; hazmat regs.; AD/CVD and anticircumvention rulings
  • Argentina: Amnesty for customs debts, changes to non-automatic license list
  • Brazil: Meat safety assurances, new CAMEX portal
  • Peru: new labelling requirement for manufactured goods
  • Australia: Japan FTA duty rate changes, Commerce (Trade Descriptions) Regulation, GST threshold changes
  • China: Changes to pre-shipment inspection policy, labor-based trade consequences (article)
  • Vietnam: New decree on commercial mediation
  • EU and EFTA: UK triggers Art. 50 (Brexit), common military list, EEA organic production, EFTA-Malaysia trade negotiations, standardisation initiative, conflict minerals, Russian sanctions extended, access to SWIFT barred for N. Korean banks, Ukrainian sanctions renewed
  • Croatia – eExcise modules for foreign tobacco stamps
  • France: Customs searches for hidden Swiss bank accounts
  • Switzerland: Syrian sanctions partially lifted for humanitarian purposes
  • United Kingdom: Brexit legislation, Art. 50 (Brexit) triggered
  • Turkey: Food labelling requirements
  • Ukraine: ratification of Canada-Ukraine FTA, Russian sanctions
  • Botswana: advance ruling system

Plus legislative or administrative updates from the Federal Register, Canada Gazette, Diario Oficial (Mexico), EU Official Journal, and other official gazettes (including some AD/CVD) from over 30 countries as well as the EU, EFTA, EAEU, plus 337 cases, CBP rulings (revocations and modifications), CBSA advance rulings, and CN Explanatory notes updates as well as updates to antidumping and countervailing duty investigations from the USA, Canada, EU, Australia, Brazil, China and India.

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