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Welcome to the March 2017 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.

Here are some highlights:

  • WTO: Trade Facilitation Agreement, trade policy review, disputes
  • WCO: Agenda for the 59th Harmonized System Committee meeting
  • El Salvador rotates personnel
  • Canada: European parliament approves EU-Canada Trade Agreement
  • Mexico: New requirements for temporary importation of sensitive goods by IMMEX, NAFTA public consultation
  • US: Executive Orders, USTR, GAO report on C-TPAT, COAC, revised policy on post-entry claims for preferential programs, HTS updated in AES, treasury adjusts civil penalties, OFAC updates Iranian medical device list, general license to deal with Russian FSB, BIS updates export compliance guidelines, BIS delays removal of certain nuclear non-proliferation controls, DDTC determination on CARC paints, CPSC statement on safety regulations, FDA and APHIS delay toxins rules
  • Australia: Proposed expansion of N. Korean sanctions, tobacco duties increase, TPP action, new country of origin laws
  • China: Suspension of N. Korean coal imports, State Council approves food and drug safety 5 year plan, China bans additional exports to N. Korea
  • New Zealand: Publication of 2017 rules of origin for all FTAs
  • Turkmenistan: New documentation requirement for duty free goods and temporary imports
  • Vietnam: Potential new controls on physical and electronic import and export of software and software services, recent developments in trade and customs
  • EU-EFTA: European parliament approves CETA, EFTA priorities, EU-Indonesia trade deal proposals, GSP adjustments, updates to national restrictive measures
  • Switzerland: Federal Council tightens N. Korean sanctions
  • United Kingdom: Export Control Order comes into force, expanded powers for customs officers, overseas territories asset freezing order
  • Belarus: Customs cooperation agreement with Georgia, integration of customs systems with national e-portal
  • Russia: Sanctions-related legislative initiative
  • South Africa: 2017 Harmonized System

Plus regulations and legislation from many other countries and from the Federal Register, Canada Gazette, Diario Oficial de la Federación, Official Journal of the EU, Eurasian Economic Union, and other official gazettes. We are also including WTO TBT updates, 337 cases, antidumping and countervailing duty updates from US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, Australia, EU, and India.

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