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Amid heightened economic and political uncertainty around the globe, many multinationals are looking for ways to bolster stability and maximize flexibility to respond to unprecedented change. In addition to the need to respond to cost-cutting pressures—not a new motivator for restructurings and layoffs—multinationals are also considering strategic business reorganizations, managing post-acquisition integrations, and looking for innovative ways to make a company more attractive for sale.

With such restructuring and reductions, numerous employment laws are invariably at issue. And, when contemplated on a global scale, or otherwise involving jurisdictions outside of the US, the complexities multiply. Companies must be mindful of the various applicable laws, ways to mitigate risks, as well as the practical business issues as they implement reductions to their workforces.

Andy Boling, Joe Deng and Denise Glagau of Baker McKenzie have decades of experience guiding US-based multinationals through global restructurings. During this one hour webinar, they share strategies for global workforce restructurings and layoffs.

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