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The busiest patent docket in the U.S. recently issued a final judgment in Iris Connex LLC v. Dell Inc., which found exceptionality in the case and awarded attorney fees to Dell under 35 U.S.C. § 285, sanctioned Iris Connex’s counsel under Rule 11(b)(2) of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and sanctioned both Iris Connex and the owner of its parent company under the court’s inherent power. The court explained that this case “is the clearest example of an exceptional case to yet come before the undersigned” and that, “[s]imply put, if this case is not an exceptional case, then there are none.” Much of the same conduct that rendered this case exceptional was found to also render it sanctionable. The thoroughly written decision is especially instructive given the district’s historically rare findings of exceptionability and sanctionable conduct.


*This article was first published in Law360.

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