State of the Energy Union: Europe's Energy Transition on Track
In line with its commitment to report annually on the state of the Energy Union , on 1 February 2017 the European Commission published its second State of the Energy Union Report . In terms of... Read more

State of the Energy Union debate
“Accelerating the modernisation of Europe’s entire economy, making it low carbon and efficient in energy and resources” are key aims of Energy Union legislation, said Commission Vice-President Maroš...  Read more

Shell Begins Huge Task of Decommissioning Brent Oil Rigs
After a decade of planning and consultation, removal of Brent field rigs built in 1970s could take up to 10 years to complete Shell will this week unveil a plan to dismantle four enormous oil rigs in... Read more

Environmental Protection Agency Website Begins to Have Pages Removed, Including References to Landmark UN Climate Deal
The new page has a focus on adapting to climate change, rather than addressing the reasons it is happening Important parts of the Environmental Protection Agency's website are being quietly scrubbed away. References to important climate deals and... Read more

Shell sells North Sea assets worth £2.46bn to Chrysaor
Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to sell $3.8bn (£2.46bn) worth of North Sea assets to oil exploration firm Chrysaor as part of continuing cost-cutting measures. Shell is aiming to sell $30bn of assets...Read more

The UK's Main Climate Sceptic Club's Membership is Dwindling – Yet They Still Hold Power in Certain Arenas
The official accounts for the Global Warming Policy Foundation, which were quietly released last week by Companies House , reveal that its membership fees in the year ending 30 September 2016 generated just £5409 New figures suggest there may have... Read more

Nigerian Oil Pollution Claims Against Shell Cannot be Heard in UK, Court Rules
Campaigners hoped case would pave way for lawsuits to be brought against corporations for actions abroad The high court has ruled that tens of thousands of Nigerians affected by oil pollution cannot... Read more

E.On Energy Boss Says Donald Trump is Causing Serious Setbacks to Climate Change Efforts
For the US president, global warming 'does not appear to be much more than a disguised attack by the Chinese on American jobs', Johannes Teyssen said German utility E.On, which owns billions of euros worth of wind parks in the United States, said... Read more

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