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Peru has recently introduced a series of tax measures to stimulate the Peruvian economy. Relevant changes in the tax package include:

  • Amendment of the Corporate Income Tax rate and withholding tax rate on dividend distribution to 29.5% and 5%, respectively
  • Introduction of an income tax exemption on capital gains derived from the sale of securities within the Lima Stock Exchange, provided certain conditions are met
  • Amendment of the Income Tax rate on capital gains derived from the sale of real estate property by non-Peruvian tax residents from 30% to 5%
  • Special Installment Payment Plan for certain qualifying tax debts currently challenged by taxpayers or undergoing collection by the Peruvian Tax Authorities
  • A reduction of Peru's VAT rate from 18% to 15% in July 2017, pending the achievement of a minimum tax collection objective by 31 May 2017
  • A special Income Tax regime for small businesses with a reduced Corporate Income Tax rate of 10%
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