According to Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan # 838 dated 23 December 2016 (Resolution No.838), since 1 January 2017, citizens of the EU, the US, Japan and several other countries may enter Kazakhstan without a visa for a period up to 30 calendar days. The previous visa-free period, implemented in 2014, was 15 days. Under Resolution # 838, there is no limit to the number of visa-free entrances permitted during a calendar year.

The visa-free entrance is available through all international border checkpoints. Migration registration of foreign nationals from the above-mentioned countries must be performed by border officers on entrance. At the time of entrance, foreign nationals must fill in a migration card. This card must be returned to a border officer upon leaving Kazakhstan.

Foreign nationals must leave Kazakhstan before the expiration of the 30-day visa-free entrance period. If a foreign national would like to stay in Kazakhstan after this period, he/she must apply to the migration police for a 30-day single visa. Foreign nationals who fail to leave Kazakhstan after 30 calendar days may be sentenced to an administrative fine of KZT 34,035 (approximately USD 100), administrative arrest for up to 10 calendar days, or extradition from Kazakhstan. Extradition will result in further restriction from entering Kazakhstan for the next five years.

To avoid the above-mentioned negative consequences, we strongly recommend monitoring the period of visa-free stay and leaving Kazakhstan or applying for a single visa before the expiration of this period.

Resolution # 838 does not exempt foreign national having Kazakhstani work permits from obtaining work visas.

In addition to the special 30 day visa-free entrance regime implemented by Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan # 838, Kazakhstan is a member of a number of visa-free entrance international agreements. Nationals from Azerbaijan, Kyrgyz Republic, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Argentina, Serbia, Ecuador, Turkey, Brasilia, Mongolia, Korea, the Philippines and Hong Kong do not require a visa for entrance into Kazakhstan on the basis of these international agreements.

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