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The Global Equity Services "Clients & Friends Newsletter" addresses the latest developments related to the constantly evolving global patchwork of laws and regulations governing equity awards and other forms of incentive compensation around the world. This is the January 2017 edition.

In this Issue


Changes to French-qualified RSUs Under French Finance Bill 2017


Relaxation of Exchange Control Restrictions in Iceland


Capital Gains Holding Period Reduced in India


Expanded Coverage of Form 9(3) Annual Reporting

New Zealand

New FMC Exemption Notice Eliminates Financial Reporting Obligations for Issuers Relying on 1978 Act Exemptions

New Tax Withholding and Reporting Regime for Equity Awards

United Kingdom

HRMC Continues Formal Approval Process for UK Joint Elections to Transfer Liability for Employer National Insurance Contributions

United States

NASDAQ FAQ on Equity Compensation Plan Withholding Rate Amendment

ISS Updates for 2017 Proxy Season

Update on Shareholder Challenges to Section 16 (b) Exemption for Discretionary Share Withholding

Increase in Social Security Wage Base in 2017


State Bank of Vietnam Issues Official Letters to Companies With Pre-Circular 10 Exchange Control Approval

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