Although as a general rule exports of natural gas are suspended in Argentina since 2004 in order to guarantee natural gas' local provision, in 2016 the national government recognized some exceptions by means of Decree No. 893/2016. In this sense, Resolution No. 8/2017 was passed yesterday by the Ministry of Energy and Mining, approving the proceeding for authorizing natural gas exports with re‑importation commitment (Proceeding).

The Proceeding will only be applicable to gas producers and/or marketers who want to obtain an export authorization in the following cases (i) provide assistance in emergency situations; or (ii) avoid internal transportation restrictions that allow the use of neighboring countries' infrastructure to ease the transportation of natural gas to the Argentinian local market, thus allowing the increase of local production. In turn, such producers and/or marketers will have the commitment of re-importing the entire volume of exported natural gas within the following month or year (depending on whether the case is mentioned on (i) or (ii), respectively).

The Secretariat of Hydrocarbon Resources will be the application authority for the Proceeding, and will grant gas exports authorizations for two-year periods, establishing the maximum volume of each operation.

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