5 Essential Elements of Corporate Compliance

Maintaining a strong corporate compliance program designed to help prevent corporate officers and employees from engaging in illegal practices such as bribery, collusion, money laundering and fraud sounds simple enough. In reality, it’s much more challenging.

Today’s multinational companies have thousands of employees, multiple business partners and extensive operations throughout the world, including in emerging markets.

Our new guide - 5 Essential Elements of Corporate Compliance: A Global Template - helps companies meet the demands of enforcement authorities around the world by organizing compliance around five essential elements: leadership, risk assessment, standards and controls, training and communication, and oversight. We’ve included specific actions that companies can take to ensure they are fulfilling the requirements of each element.

The updated Five Essential Elements of Corporate Compliance provides guidance to companies not only in respect of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, but also regarding other key jurisdictions where multinationals do business. It also incorporates important developments in enforcement and critical notes on guidance from a variety of global regulators.

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